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Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

What is a Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder?

Zenith Hydromatics excels in the realm of hydraulic solutions, particularly in the manufacture of custom Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders. Our expertise lies in creating cylinders that cater to a wide range of industrial demands, ensuring each product meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. The telescopic design is a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering exceptional functionality in various applications. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized solutions, ensuring that each Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder we produce is not just a product but a pivotal component in our clients’ operational success.


Features of Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Single and Double Acting Types: Versatile designs to suit diverse operational requirements.
  • High Hydraulic Pressure Capacity: Up to 2,000 psi, with special options reaching 3,000 psi.
  • Large Bore Size Availability: Maximum bore size up to 15 inches.
  • Variable Stage Sizes: Minimum stage size down to 3/4 inch.
  • Extended Stroke Lengths: Capable of reaching up to 500 inches.
  • Multiple Staging Options: Commonly available with up to 5 stages for varied extension requirements.

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Advantages or Benefits of Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Zenith Hydromatics’ Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders offer a multitude of benefits tailored to demanding industrial applications:

  • Compact Design for Space Efficiency: Despite their extended stroke capabilities, these cylinders are designed to occupy minimal space, making them ideal for applications where space is a premium.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements: The construction of these cylinders ensures compatibility with a wide range of machinery, leading to reduced maintenance needs and longer service life.
  • Consistent Operational Speed: Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders are engineered to maintain a constant speed, ensuring smooth and predictable operation across various industrial applications.
  • Customizable to Specific Angles: These cylinders can be tailored to meet unique angular requirements, providing flexibility and precision in specialized tasks.
  • Versatile Configuration Options: Available as both single and double-acting models, these cylinders offer versatility to accommodate different system requirements.
  • Extended Stroke Lengths: The telescopic design allows for longer strokes than standard cylinders, offering greater reach and operational range, and enhancing the efficiency of tasks.
  • Increased Force in a Compact Design: The unique telescopic arrangement allows for the generation of high force in a condensed form factor, making them particularly useful in applications where high force needs to be exerted in confined spaces.

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Applications of Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders designed by Zenith Hydromatics find their critical applications across a broad spectrum of industries, demonstrating their versatility and efficiency:

  • Waste Management Vehicles: Primarily used in garbage trucks, these cylinders play a crucial role in the compacting and ejection mechanisms, essential for efficient waste management operations.
  • Material Handling in Construction: In construction, they are integral to the functioning of dump trucks, aiding in the controlled lifting and tilting of beds for transporting and unloading materials.
  • Agricultural Machinery: These cylinders are pivotal in various agricultural machines, facilitating movements like lifting and extending, which are essential for modern mechanized farming techniques.
  • Construction Equipment: They are employed in a range of construction equipment, contributing to the functionality of machinery such as cranes and excavators, where controlled movement and lifting of heavy loads are necessary.
  • Industrial Transport: In transfer trailers, these cylinders are key to the lifting and maneuvering of heavy loads, proving essential in the logistics and transportation sectors.
  • Emergency and Rescue Equipment: Often used in rescue and emergency vehicles, they provide the necessary power and precision for life-saving equipment and operations.

The adaptability and robustness of Zenith’s Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders make them an indispensable component in these critical applications, showcasing their ability to perform in demanding environments with reliability and efficiency.

Why Do You Choose Zenith?

Opting for Zenith Hydromatics means choosing a partner dedicated to hydraulic excellence. Our Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders are not just products, but solutions designed with precision, efficiency, and adaptability in mind. We are committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that our hydraulic solutions are a step ahead in meeting your industrial needs. With Zenith, you gain a reliable partner in advancing your operational capabilities.

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