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Lubricator Pumps

Force Feed Lubrication Pumps

Zenith Hydromatic designs and manufactures a wide range high quality force feed lubrication pumps that come in various models with several options. The model that’s right for you will be the model designed to fit in your lubricator box.

Each model is available as suction feed or pressurized feed and suction feed pumps can be fitted with a sight glass for visually verifying operation. All pumps are now equipped with a steel rocker arm. The the rocker arm from cutting a groove in the lube box cam and ensures that the proper amount of lubricant is delivered over the long run.



  • One piece steel pump body
  • Hardened Steel Rocker Arm
  • Sight glass with protective housing
  • Precision internal and outlet check valves
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Furnished as original equipment by engine, pump and compressor manufacturers
  • 3 Plunger sizes: 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”
  • Modular cylinder design
  • Pressurized Suction Pumps with Sight Glass

Technical Specifications

LUBRICANT TYPE Mineral Based or Synthetic OIL VISCOSITY 90 SUS – 8,000 SUS TEMPERATURE -20°F to 190°F (-29°C to 88°C) OPERATING SPEED 4 rpm – 30 rpm INLET / OUTLET SIZE CPI 1/8 ORB (1/8 NPT Compatible CAMSHAFT SPEED 4 to 30 RPM

Maximum Operating Pressure:

  • 7,500 psi ( 800 bar) Model – VHP
  • 6,500 psi (600 bar) Model – HP
  • 3,500 psi (300 bar) Model – LP