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High Pressure Electric Pump

Custom Hydraulic Products

Customised High pressure Power pack

Mostly one or two motor-pump units in the main stream
  • Flow Rate < 20 l/min
  • Pressure Up to 700 Bar
  • Motor Power P < 50hp (75kw)
  • Standard And Custom design Offering

Standard High pressure Power pack

  • Pumps: 1LPM – 20LPM (up to 700 bar).
  • Types of operation : Hand lever & Solenoid (push button)

Hydraulic Hand Pump (Single /Two Stage)

Compatible to all reputed Brands of hydraulic cylinders
  • Construction: Graded steel
  • Single Stage Pumps are suitable for cylinders with lower capacity & stroke
  • Two Stage Pumps approaches faster to load
  • All models have a maximum operating pressure of 700 kg/cm2

High Pressure Pumps and Power Units
Hydraulic hand pump and power unit in high pressure 700 bar designed and produced by Zenith Hydromatic to adapt to the multiple needs of customers. In the standard configuration there are 20 liter tanks up to 100 liters and a very wide range of accessories including transport cages, pressure gauges, quick couplings, heat exchangers, filters, unidirectional valves and many others. The Zenith Hydromatic pump and power unit are made with a high constructive flexibility to meet the most varied customer needs and can be used to drive one or more hydraulic cylinders of any tonnage or single or double acting actuators. We are specializes in the design and production of custom hydraulic pumps manufactured according to specific customer requests. When standard production fails to meet customer requirements. ZENITH is able to design and produce hydraulic power packs designed with operating pressure from 700 bar, dual-stage, combined and have capacities suitable for the customer’s application.
Typical Power Unit Options

AC-DC motors : Single Phase 220v-50Hz & Three Phase 415v-50Hz.
Pumps: 1LPM – 20LPM (up to 700 bar).
Reservoirs: 20 litres – 100 litres.

Typical Control Options

Types of operation : Hand lever & Solenoid (push button)
Manual override and emergency hand pump options.
Oil cooling options. (Air / Water)
Solenoid coil voltages: Various DC and AC voltages.
Further components can also be installed directly on the power pack. Filter, Pressure-limiting valve, Sensor technology

Features / Applications

Hydraulic elements, tube fittings, tank accessories & electricals of reputed make.
Compatible to all reputed brand of hydraulic cylinder.
Optional Standby hand pump on top.
Wheels for easy handling.
Robust & aesthetically designs for easy maintenance.