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8 Types of Hydraulic Cylinders and Their Uses

Ever wondered what makes an excavator scoop mountains of earth, a car adjust its brakes, or a robotic arm assemble microscopic parts?

The answer lies in the realm of hydraulic cylinders!

These assuming metal tubes are the muscle behind the movement, made by hydraulic equipment manufacturers in india.

But did you know there’s a whole zoo of hydraulic cylinders out there, each with its own unique abilities and applications?

In this blog, we’ll embark on a thrilling journey through the diverse world of hydraulic cylinders.

We’ll delve into their different types and explore their hidden talents with accuracy.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we begin a hydraulic adventure. We will explore the diverse types of hydraulic cylinders and their fascinating array of tasks they perform in our mechanized world.

8 Types of Hydraulic Cylinders and Their Uses

Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder:

A single-acting hydraulic cylinder is the simpler cousin of the hydraulic cylinder family. This cylinder only uses pressurized fluid to perform one action.

This single-direction power makes them perfect for tasks where retraction happens naturally or doesn’t require much force.

Here are some common uses:

– The pressurized fluid extends the cylinder to raise the bed, while gravity brings it back down when empty.

– These hold your workpiece in place while you machine it.

– It uses the building’s water pressure to push the door shut, while a spring assists in pulling it open.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder:

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are the workhorses of the hydraulic world. It is capable of exerting power in both directions: pushing and pulling.

These versatile jacks use pressurized fluid to drive both extension and retraction, making them the go-to choice for applications demanding precise control and bidirectional force.

Here are some common uses:

– As compared to single-acting cylinders, double-acting ones retract much quicker and with greater precision.

– It is ideal for applications like robotic manipulators or excavator arms.

– It minimizes wasted energy and improves overall system efficiency.

– Their bidirectional force capability makes them suitable for a wider range of tasks.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder:

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder is a powerful and versatile actuator that packs a long stroke into a compact package. Hydraulic fluid pushes these tubes outwards, extending the cylinder’s reach far beyond its own retracted length.

These clever cylinders are the go-to choice for applications where space is limited but a long reach is essential.

Here are some common uses:

– The extended stroke allows for precise placement of heavy objects, even in tight spaces.

– Fire trucks, cherry pickers, and scissor lifts utilize telescopic cylinders to extend their platforms to dizzying heights.

– Backhoes and excavators rely on these cylinders for their powerful digging and scooping action.

– Satellite dishes, and antennas, often use telescopic cylinders for smooth extension and retraction.

Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinder:

Tie-rod hydraulic cylinders are the musclemen of the hydraulic world. It is built for heavy-duty tasks with their signature external reinforcement.

Here are some common uses:

– These cylinders can handle immense forces, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

– The detachable tie-rods allow for maintenance or replacement.

– Tie-rod cylinders come in various bore sizes, stroke lengths, and mounting options to fit diverse needs.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder:

Welded hydraulic cylinders stand out for their robust construction and smooth, pressure-resistant design. This makes them highly resistant to pressure, compact and lightweight, leak-proof and durable, and customizable.

Here are some common uses:

– Backhoes and excavators use welded hydraulic cylinders to move the boom, arm, and bucket.

– Bulldozers utilize them to angle and tilt the blade.

– Cranes rely on them for extending and retracting the boom and manipulating the load.

– Machine tools, like CNC mills and lathes, use them to move axes and components.

Mill-Type Hydraulic Cylinder:

Mill-type hydraulic cylinders are the beefy bodyguards of the hydraulic world. It is built to withstand the harshest industrial environments and handle punishing workloads.

Here are some common uses:

– It helps with heavy machinery where brute force is needed.

– From bulldozers and excavators to hay balers and combines, mill-type cylinders handle the heavy lifting.

– These cylinders power the massive equipment that crushes logs and transforms them into paper.

– From drilling rigs to extraction platforms, mill-type cylinders help harness the earth’s resources.

Rotary Hydraulic Cylinder:

Rotary hydraulic cylinders don’t just push and pull; they twist and turn, adding a whole new dimension to the world of hydraulic power. At the heart of a rotary hydraulic cylinder lies a vane motor, nestled within a robust housing. Pressurized fluid enters the motor, pushing against the vanes and causing the central shaft to rotate. The amount and direction of fluid flow control the rotation angle and speed.

Here are some common uses:

– Fluid pressure rotates the shaft in one direction, while a spring or counterweight provides the return motion.

– It controls both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, offering greater flexibility.

– It is designed for rapid rotations, often used in automation and robotic applications.

Hydro-Pneumatic Cylinder:

A hydro-pneumatic cylinder, also known as an air-oil cylinder, is a powerhouse hybrid that combines the best of both hydraulic and pneumatic worlds.

Some common uses include:

– It provides the high force needed to inject molten plastic into molds while offering precise control over the molding process.

– Its compact size and adjustable force make them ideal for intricate metal forming tasks.

– From compact demolition tools to heavy-duty excavators, these cylinders deliver the muscle needed for various construction tasks.

– Its precise control and adjustable force make it perfect for automating repetitive tasks in production lines.


In conclusion, exploring the diverse world of hydraulic cylinders reveals a wide range of types, each designed for specific applications to optimize efficiency and performance. The eight types discussed play crucial roles in various industries.

The world of hydraulic cylinders is dynamic and evolving, offering a spectrum of options to meet the diverse needs of industries.

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With the constant evolution of technology, we can look forward to even more sophisticated hydraulic cylinder designs that push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of efficiency, precision, and reliability.

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